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ROYALIST is a cult. A haven with dark aesthetics. That they live this community spirit more than any other band is shown, among other things, by the action of a community choir, which immortalises the voices of their fans on their debut album „VIOLET“.

VIOLET. The album, as well as the hue, stand for loneliness and melancholy on the one hand, but also for creativity and sensitivity. With the release of their previous singles, ROYALIST could already prove that they stand for the fusion and innovation of genre boun daries, and they push this idea even further. During the pandemic, they have completed a whole variety of songs detached from the events of this world. Thus, the quartet combines quiet, melancholic passages with stomping, aggressive, digital rhythms and melodies in their songs: The song „Anyway“ is probably one of the most outstanding rock ballads from 2021, while the song „Voices“ will even reach some metal fans due to the feature of the Hamburg metalcore band „Half Me“.
The focus track „Twentysomething“ is probably the most exciting song on the album. A doped emo-rock number based on beats, vocal samples and strong guitars that fly around the listener‘s ears paired with an incoming rhythm. The visuals in the accompanying music video are reminiscent of the 90s hit „Smells Like Teens Spirit“ by the cult band Nirvana and make you want to see it live. All in all, ROYALIST could be described as a mash-up of the bands Bring Me The Horizon and Twenty One Pilots, but they never lose sight of their own style and are in no way inferior to the big bands in their uniqueness. In conclusion, all that can be said is:

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