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Spring 2024

'GHOST' Release

„GHOST“ is for the unseen underdogs and the forgotten. Being an invisible person can be either tough or an offer to be loud and to do everything you desire. This song is an invitation to step outside yourself, to give a damn about what’s normal and the structures of your former life. With it’s unconventional mixture of energetic punk and modern rock elements,

„GHOST“ gives the quiet a voice louder than their own. 

Winter 2023

'IDFC' Blackbear Cover

IDFC underlines today‘s nihilistic zeitgeist.

A song about the craving for a deeper romantic commitment even if it’s fake. Nowadays real love is rare and fake love seems to be better than none. The strong and accessible message catapulted BLACKBEAR‘s original version to social media fame.

ROYALIST captured the moody vibe of this song by adding their own powerful modern rock attitude. The result is a cover fully owned by the
band showcasing a perfect synergy between these different artists.

Fall 2023

'Monoogue' Release

“Monologue” describes the dialog with one’s own meta-thoughts.

It’s about a toxic relationship with yourself. The knowledge that you can’t go on living with your own thoughts, but as an artist you love your dark side in a crazy way because it inspires and stimulates.

A single that wants to be heard on a sleepless night,

where it was once created.

Spring 2023

'Life Is a Misery' Release

Can a German band actually keep up with sound of international superstars? The answer of ROYALIST is


And their new emo-pop single „Life Is A Misery“ proves that. Produced in the bedroom, made for the world. To achieve the same outcome that Justin Bieber or Machine Gun Kelly have massive resources for, all ROYALIST needs is determination and a warm cup of tea.

Spring 2022

'This Is Not A Popsong' Release

Just recently ROYALIST released their cover version of „Happier Than Ever“ by pop icon Billie Eilish.
Now they present their next single, „This Is Not A Popsong“, and show once again that they do not shy away from the mainstream and are ready to hit the radio stations and „heartbreak“ playlists of this world.
But is that still pop music? No! As the title suggests, the song is not about the sugar-sweet mainstream utopia that likes to be sung about in the Top 10 charts, but precisely about the fact that life doesn‘t happen like it does in a „pop song“.
But wait! The song sounds almost exactly like a track from their 2021 debut album VIOLET? Restaged in a tighter and crisper radio edit version, which appears in a new mix, the new single gets straight to the point: THIS IS NOT A POPSONG!

Fall 2021

'Das Hausboot' Sessions

In the fall of 2021, the band got the chance to perform on the “Hausboot,” a floating studio located in Hamburg Harbor.

2019 - 2021

Working on the first ALBUM

This album is about becoming a better person, dealing with yourself and coping with your inner demons.

The production started in early 2019. The isolation from toxic surroundings during the production time gave us the feeling, that our mental state depends on the context, not just on ourselves. We also recognized that we need to leave a part of us behind. Everyone of us had some bad experiences in our individual lives, but we changed, the world around us changed.

Anyway we are in our mid twenties, we had or still have the feeling of our lives rushing by and there is nothing we can do. Especially the last two years felt like someone is stealing our youth, our dreams or whatever… 

We also feel tired, every day is the same, the things which made life enjoyable are nearly gone.

So here is 𝙑𝙄𝙊𝙇𝙀𝙏 as a wakeup call and there is no way back, join our release. Maybe our thoughts help you.

Royalist – VIOLET – Album Review

"Mich haben ROYALIST relativ unvermittelt mit „VIOLET“ weggeblasen, was in fulminanten 10 von 10 Bängs und einem lauten BRAVO mundet!"