VIOLET. The album, as well as the hue, stand for loneliness and melancholy on the one hand, but also for creativity and sensitivity. With the release of their previous singles, ROYALIST could already prove that they stand for the fusion and innovation of genre boundaries, and they push this idea even further. During the pandemic, they have completed a whole variety of songs detached from the events of this world. Thus, the quartet combines quiet, melancholic passages with stomping, aggressive, digital rhythms and melodies in their songs. All in all, ROYALIST could be described as a mash-up of the bands Bring Me The Horizon and Twenty One Pilots, but they never lose sight of their own style and are in no way inferior to other bands in their uniqueness.

  1. Twentysomething
  2. No Way Back
  3. Anyway
  4. gohome
  5. Voices ft. Half Me
  6. Call Them Out
  7. Covered Up
  8. Not Yourself
  9. TBH
  10. Popsong
  11. Perspective
  12. Leave You Behind

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This album is about becoming a better person, dealing with yourself and coping with your inner demons.

The production started in early 2019. The isolation from toxic surroundings during the production time gave us the feeling, that our mental state depends on the context, not just on ourselves. We also recognized that we need to leave a part of us behind. Everyone of us had some bad experiences in our individual lives, but we changed, the world around us changed.
Anyway we are in our mid twenties, we had or still have the feeling of our lives rushing by and there is nothing we can do. Especially the last two years felt like someone is stealing our youth, our dreams or whatever…
We also feel tired, every day is the same, the things which made life enjoyable are nearly gone.

So here is 𝙑𝙄𝙊𝙇𝙀𝙏 as a wakeup call and there is no way back, join our release. Maybe our thoughts help you.






Not Yourself

Royalist – VIOLET – Album Review

"Mich haben ROYALIST relativ unvermittelt mit „VIOLET“ weggeblasen, was in fulminanten 10 von 10 Bängs und einem lauten BRAVO mundet!"